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What is the Introduction to Good Governance Programme?

The Introduction to Good Governance Programme (IGGP) is a foundation programme in charity governance. Participating charities build online portfolios evidencing competency in 12 core governance criteria. It has been designed for very small charities and for charities that would like to assess their core governance before embarking on the full Good Governance Award quality standard.

It has been designed and is administered by Dundee Volunteer & Voluntary Action.

How long does the programme take?

We recommend charities aim to complete the programme in under 6 months. The length of time it takes your charity to complete the programme will depend on a range of factors, including the amount of development required and capacity for completing analysis and implementing change.

How much does it cost?

The cost of delivering the Introduction to Good Governance Programme is heavily subsidised by our funders, Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership. The current charge for 2019/20 is £100.

What is involved in completing the programme?

In order to complete the programme, a charity must demonstrate that it has in place the necessary policies and procedures to meet its core governance requirements, and that these policies and procedures are being adhered to throughout the organisation. Full guidance is given to enable charities to demonstrate this through the compilation of a short e-portfolio, which is assessed by Good Governance Award staff.

What kind of support will I get to help me complete the programme?

The programme is designed to help you identify the things you are already doing well and develop those areas that require improvement. You will have regular contact with your Good Governance worker, who will be able to offer advice and guidance suitable for your charity. You will also have access to the IGGP members area on this site which contains guidance, examples, templates, and links to useful information and organisations. On completion of the award, charities continue to have access to this resource.

What happens if I fail the assessment?

The programme is not a pass or fail system, we continue to work with you until the correct standard is met. Your mentor will provide guidance and advice throughout the process.

Which programme should I choose?

The Good Governance Award is Scotland’s charity quality standard, recommended by OSCR and designed to help charities achieve governance excellence. If your charity has more than 5 members of staff and/or a turnover of over £100,000, we recommend you aim to complete the Good Governance Award. If your charity has 5 employees or fewer, or wants to try the assessment process before embarking on the full Award, beginning with the IGGP might be a good option. If your organisation has no staff, you should complete the IGGP.

If your charity moves on to the GGA within one year of completing the IGGP, the cost of the IGGP will be deducted from the GGA fee.

How will the programme benefit my organisation?

  • Provides a structured framework to work through enabling you to develop in areas that need more robustness with tailored feedback addressing your charity’s specific needs
  • Trustees, internal and external stakeholders are confident that the basic requirements of good governance have been met, increasing trust in the charity and improving sustainability
  • Essential policies and procedures will be in place to help protect against the most common governance pitfalls that small charities face
  • Improved efficiency in running the organisation frees up more time to spend on running your services and working with service users

How do I apply to join the programme?

There are regular induction sessions throughout the year, so contact us for details and a registration form.