What is the Good Governance Award?
The Good Governance Award is a quality mark designed and administered by Dundee Voluntary Action. It assesses an organisation's overall management, including: the functionality of the board of trustees; the organisation's policies and procedures; how it employs and manages staff and volunteers; the management of finances and premises; and marketing, to name some key areas.

How long does the award take?
It should take most organisations around 6 months to achieve the award.

How much does it cost?
There is an administration charge of £60 to Third Sector organisations. For more information on charges for private companies, please contact us.

How do I apply to join the award programme?
There are regular intakes throughout the year, so contact us for details of the next available space.

How long does the award last?
Once achieved, the award lasts for 3 years, it can then be renewed.

What is involved in obtaining the award?
In order to receive the award, an organisation must demonstrate that it has in place all the necessary policies and procedures required to effectively and efficiently govern an organisation, and that these policies and procedures are being adhered to. Full guidance is given to enable organisations to demonstrate this through the compilation of a portfolio. Once the portfolio is complete, it is then assessed by two assessors.

What kind of support will I get to help me complete the award?
The award process is designed to help you identify the things you are already doing well and develop those areas that require improvement. You will have regular meetings with your Good Governance worker, who will also be contactable through email. You will have training opportunities on key areas of governance with other organisations currently working towards the award, and will also have networking opportunities. In addition, there is a members area on this site which contains guidance, examples, templates, and links to useful information and organisations, which is available to all registered organisations. On completion of the award, organisations continue to have access to this resource.

What happens if I fail the assessment?
The Good Governance Award is not a pass or fail system, we continue to work with you until the correct standard is met. Your mentor will provide guidance and advice throughout the process, and your portfolio will only be assessed when you have gathered the required evidence. If any section of the portfolio requires further work, you will have the opportunity to submit this and have the portfolio reassessed.

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