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2. Trustees

2. Trustees      
2.1 Our trustees receive an induction into our organisation.
2.2 We maintain current contact details for our Board of Trustees.
2.3 We have an up to date skills audit of our Board of Trustees.
2.4 We have a Code of Conduct and detailed information on the Roles and Responsibilities of our Board of Trustees.
2.5 We have a Conflict of Interest Policy and maintain an up to date Register of Interests.
2.6 We have a Trustee Remuneration Policy.
2.7 Our committee meetings have clear agendas and are accurately minuted.
2.8 Our staff report regularly to the Board of Trustees on our charity’s activities and services, operations, and finances.
2.9 We engage in succession planning and ensure we recruit trustees with the skills and experience we require.