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Celebrating Good Governance this Christmas

Here at the Good Governance Award, we like to champion Good Governance, help charities achieve it and shout about it when they do, it’s why we are here, our sole reason for existence.  But we’re not the only ones working hard to ensure a Scottish Third Sector full of well-run Boards.  Scotland’s Third Sector Governance Forum created the Scottish Governance Code, a statement of Good Practice written for the Third Sector by the Third Sector and celebrated it’s 1st anniversary this week.

Unsurprisingly, criteria for the Good Governance Award, although written prior to the code and by Dundee Volunteer and Voluntary Action, is similar in its language / message.  Whilst the code is written as 5 core principles to follow, the Award seeks evidence of how you’re doing what you do, broken down into 8 core units and provides recognition of achievement on completion.

To celebrate the Codes’ 1 year anniversary and raise awareness of it being a great tool to get your Board thinking about how effective their own governance is, we’ll post one of the principles each day next week.  5 days of Good Governance, if you will.