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GDPR 14.5m Euro Fine Issued

Deutsche Wohnen has been fined 14.5m euro for breaching article 25 (1) and article 5 of the General Data Protection Regulation in the storage and disposal of historical data.

At a first glance of the statement above, would you know what they’ve done wrong?  What would a 14.5m euro fine do to your organisation?

This could be the first big wake up call to organisations to revisit not only their policies but the whole organisation’s understanding of what GDPR means to them.  It’s not just the responsibility of the Data Controller or Data Protection Officer (if your organisation has appointed one) to ensure compliance, it is the responsibility of everyone in the organisation that collects, processes, stores or disposes of it.

GDPR as written in to the UK Data Protection Act 2018 is a huge piece of legislation that governs not only how we collect data, but how we process, store and dispose of it.  A robust Data Protection policy is just the start of protecting your organisation from hefty fines.  The link to the ICO below is a good place to start when looking to ensure your organisation is doing all that it can to protect the data it is responsible for.